Sean McVay, Pete Carroll: NFL should punish teams for protocol violations

Sean McVay, Pete Carroll: NFL should punish teams for protocol violations

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was one of five coaches fined $100,000 for failing to wear a face covering during Week Two. Rams coach Sean McVay hasn’t paid a fine, but he did get a stern warning from the NFL for the same transgression in Week One.

Carroll and McVay agree the NFL should punish teams for blatant disregard for coronavirus protocols.

“Oh, yeah,” McVay said Wednesday, via Lindsey Thiry of ESPN. “There’s some very strict policies that the league is serious about implementing, and I think we all realize, you know, how volatile this thing is. And so to answer your question, yes.”

The Titans face potentially significant punishment for alleged protocol breaches that fueled an outbreak of COVID-19. Further, members of the team were photographed practicing off site after expressly being told not to do so.

“Well that’s really league business,” Carroll said. “The league doesn’t want teams to find a way to get ahead of another team and they’re trying to keep the competitive playing level equal. If guys aren’t, if teams aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do, then you gotta do something. And I don’t know what’s appropriate right now, we’re in kind of new territory right here. Sometimes you get fined and you got to pay it and sometimes you get docked something you got to give it up. So I don’t have a good thought for how you would balance that out and where you should go. It’s really not my discussion, but we’re going to try to do everything right so we don’t have to even face that issue, of course. But the league, you’ve got to expect the league to take action. They’re trying to keep a level playing field and that’s really a big issue for the league and so that’s how they’re going to go about it, and that’s how they’re doing it.”